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How does being on the partnering register benefit the registered?

Being on the Trust Management Services Inc. register of approved registrants allows them to participate in or acquire only the best contracts by request. The total funding for the entire project is already in place before the project begins. Therefore, contractors do not face the usual delays or renegotiations that are so often a part of other jobs that the contractor might bid. Trust Management Services Inc., through the project management firms selected, becomes the ultimate "Go-To" source for any problems that arise on the project. The contractor is left to perform the work they are best equipped to do with no distractions.

Why does Trust Management Services Inc. charge fees upfront to be registered with them as an approved contractor or supplier?

The vetting process that all applicants must go through requires an investment by Trust Management Services Inc. of both time, personnel, and costs; what we charge pays a portion of this cost incurred. Though expensive, this process assures the company that the registrants recommended are among the best in the industry and allows Trust Management Services Inc. to ensure their clients the standard of excellence for which they are renowned worldwide. Trust Management Services Inc. cannot offer contracts to the general public and begin the vetting process, as that would be unnecessarily time-consuming and prohibitively expensive. Therefore, we choose to work with contractors who are confirmed to display the ability to perform excellent work on time and within budget consistently.

If, after being given the projects list and the registrant feels they can provide additional services over and above those detailed in the application, will there be an additional fee?

An application and registration fee will be required no matter how extensive the services the contractor requests to provide under most circumstances. Trust Management Services Inc. feels that any registrant should be allowed to participate to their ability in any they desire. Still, to be prudent, we must say "under most circumstances." Depending on the circumstances, there may be additional profit and success-related participation costs, but these are known prior to any introductions.

What does the optional "Partnering" advantage mean to the contractors, suppliers, and service companies?

If your company wishes to venture into regions where they have not completed work, a great deal of time and money can be spent establishing your company in this new region or country. By "Partnering," you will have a "helping hand" through this learning curve. Remember that all participants are vetted through our process before introducing them to you. We do NOT interfere with your "Partnering" business-to-business activities unless it is our reputation on the line.
Are there limitations on the number of areas and “Partners” with whom we can be introduced? Those listed companies will be permitted to bid and/or participate in the contracts that Trust Management Services Inc. is currently servicing and pursuing locally, regionally, and internationally. Further opportunity is offered to the contractors, suppliers, consultants, and service companies who register to choose the "partnering" option to co-join with local area companies where a project may be scheduled or to achieve a new market area of interest.

Why should registrants be interested in the projects Trust Management Services Inc. is pursuing or currently servicing?

All contracts undertaken by Trust Management Services Inc. are long-term, stable projects, commonly backed by the governments of the nations or the banks involved.
When international projects are aimed at improving the lives of the country's citizens as well as enhancing the economic well-being of the nation in general. This translates to stability and a reliable income in the long term for contractors working with Trust Management Services Inc. Additionally, funding has been approved and arranged for and in most cases, the funds can be paid outside of the country where the projects are being constructed. Note, there are also local and regional contracts extended for projects.

Is the company guaranteed a contract by completing the Application Form and paying the required registration fee?

No, all registrants will be provided with a listing of current and future projects and invited to enter the bid and tender process. Still, they must remain competitive to attain the contracts.

Will companies other than those who have paid the registration fee and been accepted onto the register be invited to bid on projects?

Only those who have completed the Partnering Registration Application, paid the registration fees, been vetted, and therefore, have been placed on the list of good businesses will be invited to participate in projects. Trust Management Services Inc. goes through an extensive vetting process to ensure that contractor applicants can perform their required tasks to the highest standards of their particular industry.