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The minimum project value amount for  "Private Structured Loan Funds"  is reasonably low, but please remember that under the classification of large project funding, we are generally dealing with projects in the Multi-Millions of dollars, both for Private and Government supported projects, yet many are also reaching developement costs into Billions of dollars for major infrastructure and development projects.  Higher project values, or an accumulated list of projects to attain higher values, are expected from Government and larger corporate entities, all are well within our capabilities. We openly welcome all project applications.

Contact us concerning this topic and we can explain how a group of projects can be funded over the time period of development, but please read through this website page to also understand procedures.

Trust Management Services Inc. structures terms and conditions that rely on the development project to provide a revenue stream to repay loans on the investment.  Loans are under very reasonable expectations - quite commonly there is a no interest or payments necessary while the project is brought to completion and LOW INTEREST once the project is completed and bringing forward a revenue stream. Projects should be understood to show a revenue stream of profitability, either short term or longer term - so repayment can be expected.  Some applicable revenues may be through taxation, tolls on roadways, sales of products - whatever the revenue stream it should be evaluated. Project application acceptance is usually based on the qualification and expectation for a return on investment over the long term. This return could be from seven to twenty five years, depending on the industry classification and project category. We fully understand that some projects are community service oriented, they in themselves may not have a strong revenue stream, but public service taxation directly or indirectly usually apply.  

Feasibility studies are somewhat necessary to begin structuring of the financing on projects. What is required is a total estimated project funds requirement, with a monthly draw down schedule to have funds released over the construction period for the project development.  These project estimates are necessary and important to be in place before final loan approvals can be approved. Often the project feasibility becomes part of the financing requirement determined by the need of the project development.  

We specialize not only in making  Private Project Loan Funding”  arrangements, but also supervise the on sight progress of milestones for disbursement of funds and monitoring accountability of the use of funds as the project develops to completion. Assistance to implement the monitoring and system of delivery of funds to the project each month, along with security of funds, is managed through engineering reports and the use of sound accounting practises.


The suppliers, contractors and service related companies involved in the work on the projects where placement of ourTrust Management Services Inc. Private Structured Project Fundingis used; are expected to work under a code of ethics similar as outlined under our Corporate Governance section of this website.  The monitoring, through our independent engineering supervisory management teams, work directly with and for Trust Management Services Inc. as the Lender.

Each supplier, contractor or service company is commonly vetted and approved for project participation through a registration process by the project owners, keep in mind that Trust Management Services Inc.'s own contractor and supplier registration process is very important  in  assisting project owners through this process. 

This does NOT undermine the private corporate or primary contractors and their procedures to hire sub-contractors and suppliers, we only wish to know that the contractor has a code of ethics policy in place.  This standard is in place to minimize concerns as to inappropriate practices and to avoid the problems this creates for others involved in the ethical state for use of funds.

We also invite new technologies through our supplier and contractor registration process and suggest to the project owners and their project managers and engineers that these new technologies be considered, when applicable to any particular project development. In most cases we are prepared to provide additional funding for these new introduced technologies if it modernizes and enhances the project value.

We make recommendation for all Trust Management Services Inc. registered and screened suppliers, contractors and service companies. We may recommend, but the final decision lies with the project owners. All projects are approved and required to meet the qualifications for Private Structured Project Funding”.

“Private Project Funding”

Trust Management Services Inc. is very capable in structuring “Private Project Funding” for projects, provided the criteria outlined is followed and agreed to between participants entering into the financial business relationship. Whether an application request is for: Private Structured Corporate Loan Funds or Public-Private-Partnering (PPP) between a Government and a Private Corporate entity, or each having their own project agenda, we can handle the many situations!
The procedures are straight forward and concise, and under a collaborative and cooperative effort, can be completed reasonably quickly - possible within sixty to ninety days. All documents are clearly stated with no onerous language or complex requirements. Trust Management Services Inc. strives to make this a pleasant experience by providing intelligent, mature and business personnel, combined with basic understood language and procedures.
Criteria Checklist:
The amount of “Private Structured Project Loan Funds” that are made available varies, but commonly starts as each project is evaluated to determine application acceptance for our structured funding criteria.  A minimum qualifying amount may be reached with an accumulation of projects to reach the qualifying total.  However, there are circumstances and projects of a lower value that we may be interested in funding, but each project must be evaluated on it's own merit.
There must be bankable collateral available for each project's support. Projects that have no collateral start-up capital are difficult to fund - asking us to fund and take all the risk on the viability of the project, is of minimal opportunity to receive an acceptance of your application for funding.  The collateral can be in many forms, but must be "bankable". Acceptable forms of collateral may include financial bank instruments, cash funds, precious metals and other forms that may be available for our acceptance.  If the project has been brought to the stage where funding was not prearranged, and you are now seeking funds because you have run out of cash; unless you can attain a support collateral to the value of the assets you hold in the project, we may not be interested in supporting any loan funds under that circumstance.  NOTE: Collateral need not be equal to the project value in all cases, what is important is the bankable value of the collateral. The credit rating of the collateral issuer is most important, if the rating is a "AAA" then the cash value is definitely higher that collateral issued at a "B" rating.  Government's also issue support collateral for projects - we welcome the collateral support from Governments, including: Sovereign Guarantees, Government Bonds, Municipal Bonds and/or many other forms of Government issued collateral that may be available.
Collateral should be in the project by way of cash held funds, bankable resource assets, Sovereign Guarantees, Government Guarantees, Letters of Credit or any other bankable asset that can be acceptable for monetization. The minimum amount that should be standing as cash or cash equivalent value is Trust Management Services Inc.generally requested to be in the range of twenty to thirty-five percent (20 to 35%), however, this is totally dependent upon the project and many other circumstances and criteria surrounding the application for funding made.
NOTE: Sovereign Guarantees from many third world Government economies may be  very time consuming for an approval. For the Government guarantees acceptable in these circumstances, we ask for the guarantee to be issued for one year terms and automatically renewable for the duration of the project development completion OR if the Government loan request is for an an intangible project, the collateral renewal period for the loan may require to stand until the loan is repaid.
Bankable collateral availability must be presented and known first, before we entertain any project funding. We do not support project funding if there is no collateral brought forward. All collateral must be transformed to cash value and available for us to arrange monetization. We do not take on projects where there is no collateral forward on the part of the owner, the project owner must have "collaterral equity in the project".

The ratio of collateral value to the funding request varies and must address several factors for final funding approval. We must take into consideration various factors and these factors are evaluated quickly as to which project(s) are acceptable and those that will not qualify.  Loan repayment is also a factor that has to be taken into consideration - we do not want to make a loan that will never be capable to see closure for repayment.  We address many favorable factors in preparing a loan for projects - loan grace periods, longer terms for repayment, lower interest rates, interest payments that begin calculation once the project is completed and many other items making loan funds affordable and favorable - apply! 
There are specific steps that need to take place in order for us to evaluate any application submitted. We take our business very seriously to make the funds available and expect that  a business relationship is developing at all stages of the process.  
webassets/neste_oil_porvoo_refinery2.jpgwebassets/kpttowers.jpgSTEP ONE 
Visit our SHOPPING CART  and order the application documents - this is the beginning of the process, without the documents in the format we request, no consideration for any loan would be entertained. DO NOT ask us to review your project and provide opinion on the possibility of a loan unless you make submission according to the application documentation.
Once you order the application documentation it is sent to your email within twenty four hours (24 Hours) on regular business days. Your order will automatically register your name for us to receive your application. The documentation you order is the first step to the application process.  Please fill out and sent forward the application to us including the requested information - if all information is not available, send it forward and we would assist where possible to set the application forward.  We always reply to your application and acknowledge follow through criteria.
Additional to the application form required attached documentation should include an Executive Summary of the project. We do not need a detailed business plan in the beginning stage, we will ask for that after acceptance of the application. The Executive Summary should be concise and relate well to what is desired and include: a SHORT description of the project, the time element to completion of the project, the amount of funding required for the project with a anticipated MONTHLY draw down schedule for the funds would be helpful - if more than one project, because of the accumulation of projects, then we would expect each project identified individually.
NOTE: We do NOT require at this time extensive feasibility studies and schedules, that will be requested after initial acceptance and approvals for funding are granted.  Many times the costs to provide extensive detailed feasibility studies are requested for within the funding portion of the overall loan. The BI-WEEKLY and/or MONTHLY DRAW DOWN SCHEDULE for receiving of funds should be provided, even as estimated, with the application documents.
The documentation is to also include the collateral proposed to be brought forward with the project.  Our acceptance of collateral is discussed above on this website page - PLEASE identify the collateral form and the value of that collateral. NOTE: We do not guarantee that your particular collateral is acceptable through to our banking relationships, but this will be addressed on a case by case basis.
This step involves, after submission of the completed application, the issuance by Trust Management Services Inc., of a TERM SHEET outlining the format under which we are prepared to provide the loan for the project.  This TERM SHEET provides most items for acceptance providing terms and conditions and the follow through step by step time lines to see funding come forward successfully. Administrative services that follow usually include: organizing with client the format of presentation to structure the project funding, assistance and preparation of all appropriate documentation, collateral participation confirmation and verification of those collateral arrangements for monetization of assets, and the other initial due diligence items in order for final application approval.
Initial business communication takes place with discussion under mutual optimism for all to realize the continuation of a working relationship. Commitment fees are paid, the TERM SHEET, finalized negotiation, returned and signed back with notarization of all signatories. The Commitment fees covering initial administrative costs are received by Trust Management Services Inc..  Once the initial financial commitment is in place, then all immediately begins to move forward to format and organize all documentation for the project funding.
Acceptance or rejection of the application made, and reasons, if the decision was negative, is given and addressed for the possibility of future acceptance to be granted. Application ACCEPTANCE will result in an invitation to further finalize and discuss the project funding structure and continuance of procedures. Each application is evaluated on its own merit and particular circumstance.  Each client is granted consideration in outlining the tenure of the agenda for the follow through procedures. Any resulting call for meetings will outline the structuring of the project funding and contractually obligate the parties under the structure designed and discussed.

Rejection is possible when the collateral presented for equity may not be acceptable, the parties do not pass due diligence criteria, or the collateral origin may carry a suspicious history that is not acceptable.  We will provide reasonable answers for rejected applicantions. Other reasons of rejection could be the activity background of the individuals behind the application, their corporate directors or other involved persons.
Trust Management Services Inc. makes formal introduction to involve legal counsel for the contractual completion of the financial designed structure applicable to the Project Loan Funding arrangement. 
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