webassets/jb.jpgJelle Braaksma, President of Trust Management Services Inc., is a resident of Alberta, Canada. His career encompasses more than 40 years of hands-on experience in many areas of varied industries, exploration and production sides of the oil and gas industry, all aspects of the construction industry, the retail sales indutry and the past twelve years in the financial services industry. He brings to Trust Management Services Inc. an important combination of varied industry related hands on experiences and how they relate to his investment expertise, professionalism and a thorough and proven commitment to client service. Over the years Jelle has travelled and worked extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Asia (India and China), West and East Africa, and the Middle East (UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and has been instrumental as an advisory for development, financial structuring and completion of numerous business and humanitarian projects. This world perspective allows him to be intuitive, reactive and effective in problem solving on an international scale. He is an Alberta mortgage associate registered, although presently non active,  with the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA),  is a member of the the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgae Professionals (CAAMP), a Chamber of Commerce member associate. Jelle is registered as a Commissioner of Oaths for and within the Province of Alberta, Canada. He is well respected in the business community upholding outstanding personal ethical values, honest conduct of business and sound business practises - extended throughout the corporation under his leadership. You may make contact via email: President@Trust-Management-Services.com

webassets/TKPhoto.JPGTakang E. Johns, Vice President Africa Operations for Trust Management Services Inc.  represents over fifteen years of tested experience and outstanding achievement in the areas of private public finance, funds development and procurement, strategic planning, marketing, economic analysis, public relations, information systems, public purpose program development and research.  Is a leader in cultivating public private partnerships, economic development, organizational analysis and specialized training for project funding development, community economic development analysis, religious institutional parities, and human service and private sector organizations. Takang's education portfolio includes Harvard Kennedy School, Financial Institutions for Private Enterprise Development Executives(to commence in July 2012), Southern New England College Graduate School of Management, and Northeastern University BS Electrical, WIT Boston Massachusetts. trustmanagementservicesafrica@gmail.com


Mr. Clyde P. Williams, Jr., Chief Financial Officer for Trust Management Services Inc. represents over three decades of experience in the field of structuring investment banking internationally, regional and locally. He has been an inspiration  and knowledgeably involved with many project funding applications including natural resources developemnt, new technology ventures, and varied other business activities as they relate to structuring finacial adaptations.  We are proud to have Mr. Williams on our team and extend to him our utmost respect with his continued contribution to our firm.


JonathanLakey.jpgDr Jonathan RT Lakey PhD MSM is an Advisory Board Member of Trust Management Services Inc. Dr. Lakey has had a long interest and research focus in cell and tissue preservation and isolation with a focus on insulin producing cells from the pancreas.  Dr Lakey graduated from the University of Alberta (BSc, MSc, PhD) and received post secondary training in Indianapolis and Seattle before returning to establish his research program at the University of Alberta.  Dr Lakey was also the Director of the Comprehensive Tissue Bank within Capital Health.  Dr Lakey was also the Chief Scientific Officer and President for MicroIslet Inc, a public diabetes biotechnology company focused on Islet Xenotransplantation. Dr Lakey has recently accepted the position of the Director of Research and Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of California Irvine.

His contributions and partnership with Dr James Shapiro led towards the improvement of islet isolation techniques and the "Edmonton Protocol" for patients with Type 1 diabetes. Dr Lakey and his team have assisted over 40 islet programs worldwide in establishing islet transplantation programs resulting in severe Type 1 diabetic patients being free of insulin injections. Dr. Lakey has been awarded research awards for his research achievements in transplantation from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR), Canadian Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International (JDFI) including a senior research scholar award from the AHFMR. Dr Lakey has mentored several MSc and PhD students in his research laboratory and supported training of technicians from several research and islet laboratories worldwide. Dr Lakey sits on the Scientific Advisory Board for diabetes biotechnology companies including NorMedex, Kent and DiaKine Inc. which resulted in several industry supported research grants for work in Dr Lakey’s research laboratory. Dr Lakey has sat on several key regulatory boards establishing the safety standards for cell and tissue transplantation in Canada and abroad.

Dr Lakey has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for his groundbreaking research. Among his honors, Dr. Lakey is the recipient of the Outstanding Leadership in Science Award from Alberta Science & Technology, Outstanding Achievement Award from the Canadian Diabetes Association and Studentship Awards from the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigations Trainee Award and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr Lakey was recently honored with the Meritorious Service Medal (2005) by the Governor General of Canada, and as a recipient of an Alberta Centennial Medal by the Province of Alberta (2005).

Dr Lakey is widely sought after as a speaker in the field of islet transplantation.  He has been widely published with over 220 referred scientific papers and 22 book chapters, submitted over 350 scientific abstracts, and has recently published a technical book on islet isolation. Among his proudest achievements, Dr. Lakey and his team have successfully over 40 islet transplant centers worldwide in replicating the Edmonton Protocol, resulting in diabetic patients being freed of exogenous insulin injections.  Dr. Lakey sits editorial boards of several diabetes and transplantation journals, reviews manuscripts for several journals and has served as a Councilor for Cell Transplant Society.

The field of cell transplantation is bright and ever expanding and many opportunities continue to be developed including those in tissue preservation, cell processing and cell expansion including those related to stem cells. Dr Lakey’s training and breadth of experience in this field, ensure his research efforts will remaining at the cutting edge of this technology.


Marina von Lukovich, is an active Advisory Director and appointed Vice President executive representative for Trust Management Services Inc. throughout Europe. Ms. von Lukovich attended the Prague (Praha) University under the Faculty of Law before escaping with her family to West Germany when the Soviet occupation occurred. Ms. von Lukovich brings to Trust Management Services Inc. many recent years of experience as a Specialized European Financial Consultant and Project Analyst. Marina is based in Kerfeld, Germany and is respected as a valuable asset to Trust Management Services Inc., especially with her many contacts in European countries. Ms. Von Lukovich previously also served over twenty years as an International Specialist of Risk Management within the Asset Management realm for Deutsche Bank AG.
Ms. Von Lukovich has excellent foreign language skills and is fluent in more than six languages (English, Russian, Polish, Czech, German and French), which allows her to enjoy friendly and professional consulting relationships with many European leaders, Parliamentary members and other high ranking officials throughout Europe. Ms. Von Lukovich's valuable assistance with International Projects and Financial structures is extremely important to the purposes and mission statement of Trust Management Services Inc.
Email: marina@trust-management-services.com

Robin.jpgRobin J. Willcourt, MD FACOG is an Advisory Board Member of Trust Management Services Inc. He has recently served as the Vice President – Medical Operations for NorMedex LLC, where he participated in the development of the protocols and training program and the logistics for setting up PIVIT clinics in the USA and Internationally.   Dr. Willcourt is a graduate of the University of Adelaide School of Medicine with residencies in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Adelaide and Honolulu, Hawai'i and Fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Louisville, KY. He is double Boarded in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine. He has recently completed the written Board examination in Anti-Aging and Sports Medicine, with a goal for developing protocols for nutrition and healthy living with special attention to the needs of diabetics.

 His faculty appointments include Universities of Louisville, Georgetown University and University of Hawai'i as Associate Professor.  Dr. Willcourt has also served as Medical Director, Kapiolani Women and Children's Medical Center from 1981-1989 and in private practice in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, including managing a clinic dedicated to the treatment pregnant diabetics. He founded a private High Risk Pregnancy Center in 1996 in Reno NV, and sold the clinic to a national organization that is the leading Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal organization in the US.

He founded the Fetal Imaging Center, in Reno, NV. During this time, he has published numerous investigative studies on pregnancy complications as well as being a contributor to text-books on medical complications of pregnancy, including diabetes.

While in Hawai'i he developed and coordinated a maternal transport system for State of Hawai'i that created an efficient network for the rapid transport of mothers with serious obstetrical complications.  He has received numerous awards for Excellence in Teaching and was the first recipient of the Australian Medical Association prize in Medicine.   Recently, with Dr Jonathan Lakey and Dr Victor Knutzen he has developed a supplement for maintaining better blood glucose control in Type 2 diabetics.


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