Oil & Gas Project #1
This opportunity is for the recommissioning of a refinery that has been out of service for a period of four years.  The refinery when closed met all the European required up to date standards and the new owners are now seeking FIRST a firm that can handle the recommissioning of the facility.  Have the capability to monitor, service and refurbish what is necessary and begin a regular maintenace program as the refinery is brought to full capacity of production.  This refinery is a ten million ton /year facility.
SIMUTANEOUSLY the new owners are seeking an experienced Management firm with experience to manage and operate the facility, maintain orderly intake purchase and exit sales marketing, distribution enhancement and all other refinery related operations under a regulated structure.  More details are available for those registered as Trust Management Services Inc. registered partners. Registration is available through this website CLICK HERE. The financing is in place for this project.


The new oil company is setting up extensive operations in this NATO member country and requires Contractors from exploration to production to distribution.  The following short summary of varied opportunities would expect several participant companies to accomplish the goal intended.  Funding and Finance arrangements in place for these opportunities.
Project #2A Two large Oil & Gas Fields are part of the necessary development to extract oil & gas to accomplish the follow through to production.  Drilling Contractors are necessary to begin this first leg toward the production and sale of end product.  

Project #2B - Pipeline development and construction to bring the product extracted to the Refinery storage facility would also need to be part of the field developments. Well gathering and then Refinery feeder Pipelines to the Refinery storage facilities.
Project #2C - Refinery Storage Tank facilities for both Crude Oil receiveing and the end product storage and distribution systems. Throughout the total plan there would be necessity for Fourteen (14) Oil and Gas Storage Facilities.
Project #2D - Establishment of an Oil Refinery Facility for the processing of Crude oil to relative products.  The refinery annual Capacity would be from One Million Tonnes producing as end product Petroleum products including the varied specification for aviation fuel.
Project #2E - Establishment of a Gas Processing Facility for refining extracted Natural Gas.  Capacity Two Billion M3/year, LNG & PNG 655,000 Tons, LPG 265,000 tons, Naphta  80,000 tons. 
Project #2F - Establishment of Two Hundred Sixty Gas Station Network (Category A, B, C, & D) selling Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, LPG, CNG, LNG and offering Electrical Charges.  These facilities would also be part of a network facilitating additional services beyond variety of fuel to include Food Court Services, Cafes, Minimarkets and other such accomodations for added value.
Project #2G - Establishment of Fuel Carrier Services for fuel distribution to the Service Station facilities. 

#3 Real Estate Commercial Development
The New Oil firm from #2 project listing above would be encouarging and setting to finacially support commercial real estate development throughout their areas of service.  Some developments could be in proximity to their service stations, others within the same communities.  The following real estate development is expected:
Project #3A - Establishment of Eighteen Shopping Malls to include Food Courts, Supermarkets, and outlet retail stores.
Project #3B - Ninety (90) Varied Hotels for accomodation facilities; some could be tied to close proximity to the shopping malls and others by tourist attraction areas where the service stations would also be in closer proximity of the areas.
Project #3C - Recreational Vehicle parking areas and resort type facilities to accomodate the tourist trade and travelling public. 
The above listed projects would involve several different construction services and contractors, EPC planners, and food franchisees.  Opportunities for the above would be disclosed and responded through to the registered partner firms of Trust Management Services Inc.  CLICK HERE.  All opportunities listed would be on a first come first served basis. Financial arrangements are available and partially arranged for these opportunities. 

#4 Project in High Tech "The Internet of Things"
This country wishes for a company to establish, set up distribution and all related internet services under a 5G telecommunications network.  The finance arrangements are in place to make this happen and interested firms should make certain they are registered partners through Trust Management Services Inc. registration process. CLICK HERE  Qualifications must be shown as to previous experience, management capabilities and strong personel to maintain the established sytem and security aspects of the developng of the system.  

#5 Land Drilling Rigs Wanted to Go to Work
This Middle East Client is seeking to partner with a major drilling comapny that can provide Land Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs  to go to work on long term contracts.  Trust Management Services Inc. Partnership Registration is required to seek out this immediately available opportunity.  This is not a funded project, it is a contract project that is available with our client arrangements for a qualifying drilling company that can provide their own rigs and the work force to operate and mange the drilling work itself. All is made ready with the drilling firm including the supplier registration necessary for them to work for the Oil Company. Past performance and capability is a must. Register and contact us to take advantage of this opportunity!


#6 Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Our Client in the Middle East has an opportunity to provide a Power Purchase Agreement with a capable company that can build the solar facility to supply power as necessary for different areas within the country. This opportunity is with a major country with an "AA+" credit rating and they require a qualifiued Contractor to Build, Manage and Maintain a Solar Farm. Qualifications would be past performance of succesful installations and operations.  The Contractor must be prepared to become a Registered Partner with Trust Management Services Inc. to gain access to this opportunity. Register and contact us!




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