What does it cost to apply for a loan?

The first step is to receive the application documentation and apply for the loan.  The cost associated with this is NINE HUNDRED UNITED STATES DOLLARS (US$900.00).

After sending in the loan application, how long does it take to process?

The loan approval takes up to two weeks.  We first carry out basic due diligence on the applicant.  Then we may contact the applicant for more details and information required before final approval.

 What happens once the approval of application is given?

The signatory providing the application will be contacted to review any questions that may have come forward.  After this contact you will receive a TERM SHEET outlining and describing under which terms and conditions we would approve the loan.  The TERM SHEET becomes the guideline to bring the loan to a reality.

How do I know that this is a real offer, after all Trust Management Services Inc. is a Private Lender?

We do not expose our client list as references to other potential clients because under private lending we keep our client's business totally confidential. Your loan also remains totally confidential unless you reveal your loan details. However, our bank communicates for us with your collateral issuing bank, via S.W.I.F.T. reply to provide the assurance you that the loan structured will be funded under the specified terms and conditions outlined in the Term Sheet provided. The way this comes about is discussed under the terms and conditions of the TERM SHEET you would receive - a private bank to bank initiative that is outlined when the TERM SHEET provides the funding structure.

Are there advance fees and costs to initiate the loan?

The costs to the client are as follows:

1.)   The application document costs for us to review US$900.00

2.)   Acceptance of the TERM SHEET that is presented to you will reflect a Commitment Cost due and necessary for payment.  This cost varies as to amount and structure of the loan applied for; it serves as your commitment to accept the procedure outlined for a successful close.

Comments: If you would take your project forward to a conventional institutional Lender they would immediately require you to make payment to review the project, this would not be for approval, but just a cost for the review to determine the possibility of a loan approval.  We charge only for the applicantion documentation and will review your project inclusive as described in the application documentation submission. If the institutional Lender would tentatively approve your project for funding, they commonly impose an additional cost for issuance for  a written Term Sheet to provide a platform for loan negotiations.  The institutional Lender would then also reflect a commitment cost once the Term Sheet was accepted to take care of the administration costs and make certain you were committed to the project funding offered.

3.)   Additional costs would be related to the issuance of the collateral.  These costs would be Bank charges from the Bank with whom the applicant may choose to work through or the insurance company - either may be applicable. These costs would generally be for the bank to issue an introductory letter (Ready, Willing and Able (RWA)) on your behalf, usually at a minimum cost, if any cost at all.

Then a SWIFT, via MT799 pre-advise message format or equivalent, bank to bank communication, via S.W.I.F.T. procedures to confirm the RWA letter to our bank usually at a minimal cost.

The bank cost for sending the confirmation of the collateral guarantee, sent via S.W.I.F.T. banking procedures, in the form of a Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC), but this is applicable only once all is finalized, and approved as to the funding, then this cost would need to be negotiated with your confirming bank.  Remember that this expense is ONLY applicable when all is finalized between the Private Lender and the Client.

                        Minimal fees are received by Trust Management Services Inc. to reach the approval stage to the Client.  All costs applicable are justified as to charges made.




What is acceptable collateral toward a loan?

 We accept Cash, Solid Financial Instruments (Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit), Government Guarantees (even from African and other third world nations) if the country credit rating is reasonable, Gold (if Dore Gold we have to make sure it is registered and refined), diamonds (rough or polished - we can arrange sale of these diamonds if necessary)

In ground assets are also taken as collateral but more difficult to have accepted when the commodity climate in the markets is too volatile.





It costs very little to seek out that this is a real deal, our bank to bank communication tells you that it is very real and you will be satisfied that your loan is approved and begins to deliver funds to the project within 45 banking days!

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