Corporate Responsibility

Maintaining the Highest Standards

We strive to be a leader in corporate responsibility. We're proud of the progress being made, the recognition we receive and our commitment to continued improvement. Our progressive success relies on strong policies, leading practices, achievable programs and effective actions. We focus our corporate responsibility activities in the areas of our people, safety, the environment, engagement and community investment. Our future stories of success over the years will confirm the ways we put our policies and practices into action. We strive to be a company recognizing our commitment to sustainable development.

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Making the company a place where talented people want to work. Our commitment to corporate responsibility starts with our people, which is why we focus on attracting and retaining the best and brightest people. It's also why we provide our employees with challenging and rewarding work opportunities. And it's why we have a variety of programs to recognize them for their experience and reward them for their hard work.

A successful organization is built upon successful people. That is why we strive to hire a diverse workforce of individuals who pursue innovation and bring leadership and passion to their work. Their contributions directly support our operational success.

Total Rewards
We provide our employees with highly competitive, results-based compensation aligned with shareholders, benefits, and workplace programs and practices, making our corporation a very attractive and enjoyable place to work.

Career Management
Our employees are accountable for the development of their careers and opportunities to participate in training and education programs. Our high performance achievement program keeps employees focused on the results we need to deliver.

We recognize the importance of showing appreciation for our employees beyond our total compensation programs. We promote a culture of appreciation and recognition by providing service and safety awards and tools that can be used by all employees to thank others in simple ways.

Focusing on Safety
Given that the work we do is not without risks, we stress safety as a core value throughout the corporation. We enhance our safety focus and increasing communication on the importance of safety in all areas of our operations and equip our leaders, staff and contractors with the information and tools they need.

The scope of our operations means that we work with many suppliers, contractors and consultants; working together with them to drive our safety performance. As safety practices are expected of all our employees, we require anyone working with us to sign off on their understanding and acceptance of our policies and practices.

Evaluation of a contractor's written safety program and corresponding documentation must conform to the safety practices of the corporation. All sub-contractors working within the realm of our corporate operations will be required to be on an approved contractor list. By only working with approved contractors, field coordinators and supervisors we can better maintain a superior level of due diligence for overall corporate safety.

Silhouette of construction worker on siteWe strive to identify, eliminate or control hazards and prevent injuries on our worksites by:

• ensuring our employees and contractors get the training and experience they need to work safely
• working collaboratively with our service providers and contractors to create safer worksites and areas
• investigating incidents and learning from them, to prevent reoccurrences
• stressing the importance of safe driving
• demanding an alcohol- and drug-free workplace
• communicating our safety successes and challenges openly
Our environment, health and safety principles guide our behavior and help our staff achieve a desired level of performance. By following the structures, practices and procedures stemming from the principle guide, we meet our required accountabilities and demonstrate sound performance to all stakeholders.

Driver distraction practice prohibits use of communications devices such as cell phones, both hand-held and hands-free, and other electronic devices including PDAs, while driving either a company vehicle or a personal/rental vehicle on company business.

Through our Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Principles, our human resources policies and practices and our EH&S Management System, Trust Management Services Inc. is committed to help ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees and contractors, visitors to our worksites, and communities who may be affected by our activities.Safety First

There has been increasing concern about motor vehicle incidents, including driving-related fatalities. Safety is everyone’s business. We all have a responsibility to our families and friends to drive safe and return home safely.

We are concerned corporate members within our industry-wide initiative that encourages management to visit frontline workers and talk about safety. Employees and contractors from across our operations, are participants in this initiative for safer driving. We are very passionate about this issue of accident prevention and ask people to speak out when they see a behavior or any situation that puts others at risk - before an injury or incident occurs.

Safety is one of the most important core values of our business. We must encourage an ever-improving safety culture – one that reinforces that safety is the responsibility of all, not just a policy.


Taking Our Environmental Responsibility Seriously.Nature
The impact of development is something many are concerned about. We take a responsible approach as to the products and services offered through our corporate as this productivity is essential to our everyday lives.
Each area where we operate presents a distinct environmental challenge such as minimizing water use, safe water disposal, managing air emissions and limiting our physical footprint and impact on natural diversity, including wildlife. Working with all stakeholders, we explore the needs of our operating areas and use technology and innovation to mitigate our impact on the environment.
We ensure that our employees, contractors and third-party service providers understand their responsibilities and are properly trained and monitored regularly for compliance. Our comprehensive operational systems for monitoring, managing and reporting accurately include training objectives and regular internal audits. These approaches help us maintain high levels of environmental stewardship.
Encouraging appropriate use of solar energy, wind energy and other alternative environmentally friendly technologies available throughout our operations, are within our policy where we are proud to be active participants.

Rain forestLand
We share the land with our stakeholders. Given the multiple uses of the landscape, both human and ecological, there is an increased expectation for companies to demonstrate a high degree of environmental protection and a drive to implement better land use solutions. We approach these solutions by integrating environmental mapping, low-impact technology, species conservation and biodiversity consideration into our planning and operational decisions. Some examples include:
• low-impact excavation in all our projects
• centrally located maintenance and field areas that reduce the need to have unsightly facilities desecrate the natural landscape
• sponsorship of conservation programs that support wildlife migration
• use of baseline mapping technology that helps us visualize and identify relationships between environmental and social data when considering the location of operational facilities
• land reclamation including reseeding of disturbed areas with native seed mixes

We focus on ways to reduce air pollutants, decrease emissions intensity and improve energy efficiency:
• we focus on developing technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• we are involved in the creation of industry best practices
• we encourage industry-leading systems and practices by encouraging proper equipment and operational maintenance
Our corporate supports the need to put an equitable, economy-wide price on carbon. This ensures everyone who contributes to the issue is part of the solution. Our policy strategy for managing the uncertainty of emerging carbon regulations has three primary elements:
• Manage existing costs of carbon emissions
When regulations are implemented, a cost is placed on our emissions (or a portion thereof). While these are not material at this stage, they are being actively managed to ensure compliance. Effective emissions tracking, attention to fuel consumption, and focus on minimizing our air quality footprint to help, support, and drive cost reduction.
• Respond to price signals
As regulations for greenhouse gases develop in the areas where we work, inevitably price signals begin to emerge. We have initiated to reduce energy usage from our operations. The price of carbon plays a role in the economics of efficiency efforts. Our corporate is also attempting, where appropriate, to realize the associated offsets value of its reduction projects.
• Anticipate future carbon-constrained scenarios
We continue to work with governments, academics and industry leaders to develop and respond to emerging greenhouse gas regulations. By remaining engaged in the debate on the most appropriate means to regulate these emissions, we gain knowledge that allows us to explore strategies for managing our corporate emissions and costs. These scenarios impact our long-term planning and our analyses on the implications of regulatory trends.

Water is an essential resource playing a vital part in many of the activities with which Trust Management Services Inc. is involved. We support a responsible approach to the sourcing, use, transport and disposal of water.
We often work beyond regulatory requirements to achieve more efficient water use through sound water management practices. We also make available supportive funding, enabling us to partner in initiated opportunities that enable more efficient water use for future generations.Ocean
We recognize that our water requirements and the challenges posed by our operations require tailored approaches to water resource management. We reduce the use of fresh water through the sourcing of alternatives where appropriate, and recycle and reuse water wherever possible. Where produced water cannot be recycled, we dispose of it responsibly to avoid contamination of both freshwater resources and land.
We continue to work on best practices to expand our knowledge and strive to meet the expectations of stakeholders on our water use.

Energy Efficiency
The goal of our operations is to create measurable reductions in energy use and related air emissions by:
• developing cooperative working relationships across all levels of the company as well with outside organizations to seek opportunities for energy efficiency
• researching new technology that can have significant value-added impact on energy/conservation and related reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
• working with our staff and the communities in which we operate to incorporate energy efficient changes into their lives

Mount RanierOur Environment Project Funding
A key aspect of our success is the ability to apply and leverage creative new ideas and technologies. We are prepared to supply financing on projects that support the development, demonstration and, ultimately, the commercialization of innovative, clean energy technologies that relate to the energy sector. This funding supports innovation in the following areas:
• Reduction of air emissions, operations waste and our physical footprint
• Conservation and recycling of water, energy and materials
• Protection and reclamation of groundwater, land and habitat
• Development of new, renewable energy technologies
We welcome environmental ideas that:
• improve the environmental performance associated with producing or consuming energy
• advance, demonstrate and commercialize innovative technologies and practices
• puts into practice the commitments in our Corporate Responsibility Policy

For more information on our support funding please provide written requests and register to our Project Funding initiative on the website.

Community Engagement
The majority of our operations are in areas where people live and work. Ensuring they understand who we are and what they can expect from us is crucial to our business.
We work with stakeholders in a transparent, honest and respectful way by listening to their concerns and working together to find solutions to meet their needs. Open dialogue with stakeholders enables good decision making, helps identify and resolve issues, builds strong communities and supports shared learning before, during and after our operating activities.
Man Playing Guitar with FamilyEffective stakeholder engagement with Trust Management Services Inc. and industry depends on three components: building of trust; dialogue and consultation; and collaboration. Our approach to engagement is tailored to meet the needs of our stakeholders and can include:
• posting information regarding our corporate activities on our website as well as community websites if available
• meeting with municipalities where we operate to discuss our operations and to find out what the community priorities are
• holding events to provide an opportunity for local community members to receive general information on our business and to have one-on-one dialogue with our staff
• hosting open houses and other community events

We regularly review our activities to find ways to make lasting improvements. To ensure we're getting it right, we ask landowners, residents and others stakeholders for their feedback on how we're doing as a good neighbor.
We intend to conduct surveys within the communities to identify concerns across our operations in each local. These surveys help us to better understand our impact on the communities influenced.

To meet the principles defined in our Corporate Constitution and our Corporate Responsibility Policy, we develop guides, which provide direction to employees and contractors regarding our engagement practices and accountability.
We have guidelines that provide clear expectations of our agents, including external broker representatives. We expect all agents acting on our behalf to act with integrity and to treat all participants and effected communities with respect. Corporate agents are trained to know the regulatory requirements and fundamental information about our company, in particular, but also the industry in general, to reflect our values.

Our stakeholders include our private shareholders, employees and contractors, landowners, communities, private sector partners and competitors, government, financial institutions, regulators, and civil society organizations such as environmental non-government organizations and community-based organizations

Community Relations
We work with all the local affected communities and organizations and strive to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with community members. We strive to treat all communities in which we work in a fair and equitable manner, guided by our values and Corporate Constitution.
Construction plans
To ensure that the interests and concerns of communities are heard and managed, we have usually increased the level of community member participation in our activities by:
• creating opportunities in business and economic development
• providing employment and training
• lessening environmental and social concerns and impacts
We constantly improve our own guidelines and programs and provide our staff with training and communication skills to address the concerns that effect their employment capabilities.

We pride ourselves of our successes in building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with local communities. We commonly would provide significant donations and sponsorships to community programs and events including:
• forums that bring together industry, government and local community members to share perspectives and discuss issues of concern;
• encouragement of local community development centers for local members, which house training and community wellness programs; and
• through our community development foundation structure offer the scholarship and bursary program dedicated to developing the next generation of community leaders.
Our approach to working with local communities and increasing participation in our activities is a reflection of our commitment to the communities in which we have operations. On occasion, we will sponsor or otherwise support events or significant local community milestones. Some of these projects include:
• Special school sports activity sponsorship programs
• Community conferences and learning seminars
• Seniors and elders community events
• Festival activities
• Community health and wellness activities

Inquiries about our potential support of sponsorship of community events can be directed to Trust Management Services Inc. Advisory Board. There are several communities in close proximity to our operations. These communities commonly provide qualified local employees, and we intend to benefit greatly from recruiting and training local community as employees that address the many operations and technical opportunities in these areas.

Local community people and businesses represent an important source of new skills for our workforce. We encourage an increase in the level of community member participation in our local activities by providing opportunities for employment and training wherever possible, and encourage contractors to draw on the local labor force in the local communities for employment.

We are dedicated to the advancement of community member youth, and support community-based institutions, provide sponsorships for youth activities, and work with educators on curriculum development. We expect that over the next years that many community youths will enter the labor force and we are working today to attract the attention of these young people whom we regard as persons that are staged as a very valuable resource.
We encourage a foundation of courteous behavior in the communities in which we operate. We have partnered with communities to understand their concerns, which include traffic, gates, dust, noise and garbage, and have established clear expectations for our employees and contractors to address those concerns.

Contributing to the well-being of communities is the responsibility of a good corporate citizen. We embrace the opportunity to contribute to the strength and sustainability of the communities where we operate. Many of our employees may also live in these communities, so they have first-hand knowledge of what will help those communities thrive. We take a strategic approach to make a positive impact and work with communities to understand and support their needs. Each year we will contribute to the communities where we work and live which aligns with a responsible approach standard for corporate giving.

Community Investment

1. The organization must be located in and serving in and around our business area
2. The organization should be a registered charity which is eligible to issue official tax receipts for donations, or an established not-for-profit community organization.
3. The objectives of the organization must reflect the principles and objectives of capacity building.
4. The organization must be in sound financial condition or be able to demonstrate that it has an effective plan for eliminating any financial difficulties.

Limitations and Exclusions
Except in special circumstances as may be determined by the corporation, Community Investment donations will not be made in support of the following:
• Individuals
• Religious organizations (except for those with non-faith based purposes)
• Third-party fundraisers
• Professional conventions, conferences or seminars, unless industry related
• Travel for individuals or groups
• Organizations located outside of the regions or communities where Trust Management Services Inc. does business
• Political events

Many of our employees offer their time to non-profit and charitable organizations through volunteerism in several areas, from coaching youth sports teams to board participation. Organizations should not assume that Trust Management Services Inc. employee participation automatically pre-qualifies them for funding.

Community Enhancement

Through Community Enhancement we support a variety of programs that provide resources to support rural lifestyles, cultural programs and economic development.

Rural Lifestyles
We recognize the importance of preserving and strengthening rural heritage and work with communities to help support their way of life (example: agriculture societies).

Cultural Programs
We support a broad range of programs and events that contribute to the cultural richness of the community (festivals, libraries, history preservation).

Economic Development
Growth and sustainability are important to building viable communities and we are proud to partner in the success of the communities where we work and live.

We share the public's concern for the environment and we partner with organizations that care for and help protect the environment.

webassets/african_family.jpgFamily & Community Wellness
Wellness is a core value for our corporation. To promote wellness as part of our daily lives, we work with community partners who:
* contribute to the prevention of illness and injury
* enhance health care, social and emergency services (children's hospitals, volunteer fire departments)

Science, Trades and Technology
We support a focused approach to helping develop a sustainable, skilled workforce by promoting an interest in science, trades and technology (scholarships, universities, technical institutions).

Sport and RecreationSilhouette of mountain bikers at sunset
Trust Management Services Inc. recognizes that participation in sport and recreation contributes to the physical and social wellbeing of communities. Our priority is to support community organizations that provide opportunities for active living (recreation complexes, minor sport associations).

Every year, the corporation receives many requests for funding. To ensure these requests move through our review process more efficiently, we are set to introduce a convenient online application form in the future but at present submission of applications to us via mail or hand delivery in a computer disk format. Community organizations should use the online form when sending funding requests to our Community Investment team. The online application will: • streamline the process and make it easier for us to track your application
• support our commitment to the environment by reducing paper usage
• facilitate a more efficient response to your request because properly completed forms contain most of the information required for initial screening

Getting Started
1. Review our guidelines above to see if your project, program or event falls within our areas of focus and our eligibility criteria
2. Review our frequently asked questions
3. Collect the information you will need to complete the application, such as:
* organization name and address
* contact information
* tax ID numbers if applicable
* project title and description
* outcomes, measurement strategy, etc.
4. Go to the online form (when available) or make submission on computer disk format to:

NOTE: The following procedures, except item #10, will ONLY be applicable when we establish the on line application. Please note that this format is NOT presently available.
5. Log in and create a password for your account - After you log in, you will receive an email confirming your account information - please retain for future reference
6. Complete all required fields on the form and attach supplementary materials, if applicable
7. Save your work and either submit the application immediately or save the application to submit it later (Please note: if your application is inactive for 120 days it will be automatically deleted from the system.)
8. After you submit your application you will receive a confirmation by email with the subject line funding request received. This email will include the contents of your application. You can log in to your account at any time using the password you chose and confirmed in the account information email.
9. Note: Proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis. It can take up to three months for us to review your request. We appreciate your patience while we carefully review your request.
10. At this time you may download the application form and mail it along with any supporting documents to:

Employee Giving Programs

Our corporate encourages each employee to make a difference in their community through our annual giving campaign, matching gifts and employee volunteer programs.
This volunteer program allows employees and their immediate families to apply for grants based on the number of hours they volunteer with a non-profit or charitable organization.
To begin the program we will establish specific areas applicable to celebrate employees and their families participating in volunteer activities in their communities. Family volunteer program examples would be employee families participating in activities such as a community clean up, repairing of carts, bicycles, planting community vegetation (trees, shrubs and flowers) for community beautification, play ground and sports field clean up and maintenance and other applicable programs that may arise.

Corporate Responsibility Reporting
As we involve ourselves in more programs of corporate responsibility we will list the various activities of involvement on Trust Management Services Inc. website. This would be a brief highlights listing of our corporate responsibility performance, including stories that best demonstrate how we live up to our corporate responsibility commitments throughout the company.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy translates the guiding principles, values and behaviors outlined in our Corporate Constitution into clear commitments that strive to manage risk, improve performance and increase efficiency.

Integrity Hotline

We need to know about concerns surrounding our operations. Our Integrity Hotline is one way for any concerned individual to convey issues about our corporate operations.
Our employees are encouraged to discuss any concerns they have with their supervisors or human resources. Those who regularly work or interact with our corporation should report any concerns to their primary contact at the company. These concerns include, but are not limited to:

Potential violations of:
• any statute, regulation, rule of our corporate policy or practice
• our Business Conduct & Ethics Practice
• accounting standards, internal accounting controls or auditing matters
• our complainant protection practice
• environmental, occupational health and safety legislation

Workplace concerns:
• harassment or other inappropriate workplace conduct
• fraudulent activities or theft
• unsafe work practices

• coercion of our corporate external or internal auditors or any attempt to improperly affect our financial statements or financial reporting practices

If, for any reason, these channels aren't appropriate, concerns can be reported directly to the Integrity Hotline or through our investigative committee. All reports are confidential and requests for anonymity will be honored. Please ensure that anonymous reports contain sufficient detail for investigation.

Community members concerned with issues related to corporate physical operations contact us in writing to our Advisory Board.