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Government loans are used for the general benefit of its citizens, usually supported with issuance of financial guarantees in the form of letters of credit for repayment of the funds borrowed. Many times the Government entity, whether a local municipality, state or provincial region, or a federal sovereign, provides the financial instrument guarantee for project support to a major contractor to undertake the designated projects for the Government. These different business project scenarios commonly work to be a catalyst to accomplish complete project financing - in some cases these Government financial instruments are accepted as issued, other times they require issuance under the undertaking of a major bank responsibility confirmation.

The Government entity may use the issuance of a financial guarantee to internally finance a specific project; yet other times they may supply a guarantee as payment security to the private contractor or supplier for them to arrange the financing outside of any Government direct involvement.  It is also very possible a Government may become a Joint Venture partner with the private sector, have the private party build and operate the project, and the Government entity as a silent partner - this is referenced often as a Public, Private Project (PPP). Trust Management Services Inc. can work with many of the aforementioned scenarios and structure a funding solution.

Trust Management Services Inc. has the ability to structure private funding and apply this customized structure to the "dream list" of projects to make them successful realities. Whether at the early stages of project conception with a simple outline; or if there is already in place a feasibility study, reviewed tenders and bids, and all are ready to break ground and commence construction, ..................... BUT require funding - we have the capacity to assist.

Trust Management Services Inc. arranges funding for projects and can make recommendation of EPC contractors that may be registeredn through their PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM.  We do not act as a general contractor, we only support funding and desire the contractor to follow a code of ethics.  Our receommendation provides highly qualified world class contractors and principle funding to the projects is our responsibility  ------- and a full turnkeybut each involved party must take their own responsibility.  We like to vision that the contractors chosen provide for local continued employment and training initiatives.  The local involvement in the construction and development of any project also provides long term employment for the maintenace after project completion for years to come.


Trust Management Services Inc. invites Governments to provide a list of their projects with us - all as part of the offer we can provide to several private entities seeking opportunities and projects for involvement.  These varied Government projects may be listed and serve as an index to Regional and International Opportunities for both Government and the Private Investment Sector.  In many cases we can further address any funding concerns to have all involved parties participate to accomplishment. 

Click Here to provide your project listing and further submission.

Our group of professional consultants, investment bankers and industry suppliers can move any project from your drawing board to its completion. Our associations involve us in projects related to all sectors of development including infrastructure, transportation, water and sewer requirements, gas & utility distribution, housing needs, urban & rural development planning, resource industry development in oil & gas, mining, electrical power plants, commodity processing structured funding, agricultural and food processing, roads, highways and bridges,  and numerous other aspects of project funding.


We invite your request for funding your project(s) and ask that you make submission through our process outlined, after you have read applicable areas of interest as a Government entity and are prepared to seriously consider to begin with our streamlined process, we stand ready to discuss steps of procedure with you. Trust Management Services Inc. has created a turnkey system that provides a step by step course of action, which is neither lengthy or complicated, completion of this simple process culminates into private project funds being made available, so the project(s) can proceed immediately - funding once approved can begin in as soon as ninety days!

The minimum project value amount for “Government Structured Project Loan Funds" begins reasonably low, but please remember that under the classification of Large Project Funding, we generally are dealing with projects in the millions, if not billions of dollars. Higher project values, or an accumulated list of projects to attain larger values, commonly are expected from Government and larger corporate entities - all are well within our capabilities. We welcome these larger projects!

A group of projects can be funded over the time period of development.

Trust Management Services Inc. structures the loan under favoarble terms and conditions and evaluates the laon also on capability to repay.  Revenue streams from Government projects commonly come form tax revenues if the project is in the public interest of all.  Road revenues can be "taxed" as toll roads and that revenue can be assigned to the Lender once the roads are in place or they may choose to add the cost of the road to a gasoline tax; either way the projects are revenue driven and how the Government collects their payment is the reason a Government guarantee is provided.
Project applications are based on the amount of the loan, the collateral provided, the capability and structure of loan repayment, country credit ratings, and country stability status. Loan terms and conditions are very favorable and lenient offering grace periods for construction completion, long term loan repayment scenarios, favorable interest rates - and once established continuance to availibility of loan funds from the private sector - provided repayment is made according to contractual terms and conditions.
Feasibility studies are usually necessay for the Government to evaluate the importance of a project for the good of the citizens and country as a whole.  In order for the application of funding to be approved we require theanticipated MONTHLY draw down schedule on the project, the collateral value to be placed forward and a short executive summary of the project itself. This starts the application forward for final consideration. It should be kept in mind that often the project feasibility becomes part of the financing requirement and final detailing of the feasibility is determined by the need of the project development in the longer term. We specialize not only in making “Government Project Funding” arrangements to meet the project development milestones for the various suppliers and contractors, but also assist to implement a system of delivery and security of those funds, through the use of international accounting firms.




The suppliers, contractors and service related companies involved in the work on the projects are always required to work under a Code of Ethics similar to what we outline under the corporate governance area of this website.  The Code of Ethics policy and procedures format is monitored through independent engineering supervision management teams that work with Trust Management Services Inc. to monitor progress for release of funding to achieved milestones of project progression.

Each supplier, contractor or service company is independently chosen by the process set forward by the Government conventional processes; however, they are expected to be vetted and pre-approved for project participation through the Government registration process. This does NOT undermine the private corporate or primary contractor and their procedures to hire sub-contractors and suppliers, the contractor process standard has to confer to acceptable industry standards under which the funding is provided for projects. This is undertaken so concerns of inappropriate practices are minimized to avoid problems where this may occur.

We state that the contractor and supplier registrations are an important factor in many areas and countries, registrants may be required to be partner with local firms in order to meet the requirement of Governments that require local corporate participation.  "Partnering" allows us to assist in this requirement and set the introductions of recommendation between local entities with foreign clients seeking projects outside of their home areas. We ask that you review the Partnering area of the website to understand the process and advantages to REGISTER.

Ask for further clarification on this topic, we welcome the questions!



Government loans for infrastructure funding, private industry funding for Government supported projects, or funding requirements for Public-Private-Projects between Government and the Private Corporate sector all need to follow a specific procedure that make fundinbg a reality - contact us as to your requirement - we customize a structure to funding to the specific need.

The procedures are simple and concise, and with a collaborative effort, can usually be completed quite quickly. All documents are clearly stated with no onerous language or complex requirements. Trust Management Services Inc. strives to make this a pleasant experience by providing intelligent, mature and business like personnel, combined with elegantly simple language and procedures.

Criteria Checklist:

Collateral bankable value determines the minimum amount of “Government Project Funds” that can be approved for each request.  Collateral need not always be the value of the project itself - it is dependant mainly on the collateral banking value.  Collateral issued from a "AAA" credit rated institution will be stronger than collateral from a "B" rated entity - each may be acceptable but reflect the overall loan approval amount.

There must be bankable collateral value available, a minimum of twenty percent (20%) is asked, however, this may be flexible depending on total funds requirement amount. Collateral value availability is to be presented first, before we entertain any project funding amount or discussions concerning funding. We cannot support project funding if there is no bankable collateral brought forward.

Please note that bankable assets such as bank financial instruments, Government guarantees, precious metals or precious stones may all be considered, if they can be monetized to a cash value.  Our bank relationships allow for us to assist in arranging appropriate monetization.

Each opportunity is received for review, initial due diligence is carried out, and a specific reply is given. Please be attentive to the procedures outlined below and the associated administrative costs for our initial project review; then proceed to make application submission as outlined.


webassets/bridge1.jpgPROCEDURAL STEPS:

There are specific steps that need to take place in order for us to evaluate any application submitted. We take our business very seriously to make the funds available and expect that a business relationship is developing at all stages of the process.  Commonly equity participation funds come in the form of a Sovereign Guarantee, Letter of Credit, or other cash assets available from the Government entity.  We ask that when you forward your application that you also include the verification form to the equity participation funds you identify.

We provided draft documents through our "Shopping Cart" area of the website specifically for Government related applications.  

Step One: Visit our SHOPPING CART and order the application documents - this is the beginning of the process, without the documents in the format we request, no consideration for any loan would be entertained.  DO NOT ask us to review your project and give opinion on the possibility of a loan unless you make submission according to the application documenation.

Once you order the application documenation it is sent to your email withintwenty-four hours (24 Hours)  on regular business days.  Your order will automatically register your name for us to receive your application. The SHOPPING  CART documenation you order is the first step to be filled out and sent forward to us including all pertinent information.

Step Two: Additional to the application form required. attached documentation should include an Executive summay of the project.  We do not need a detailed business plan in the beginning stage, we will ask for that after acceptance of the application. If we understnd the Executive Summary as an incomplete reflection of the project, we will ask for more information.  The Executive Summary should be concise and relate well to what is desired and include: a SHORT breif descriptioon of the project, the time element to completion of the project, the amount of funding required for the project with an anticipated MONTHLY draw down schedule for the funds to be received- if more than one project, because of the accumulation of projects, then we would expect each project identified individulally.

NOTE: We do not require at this time extensive feasibility studies and schedules, that will be called for after initial acceptance and approvals for funding is granted, so the costs to provide these studies are commonly provided for within the funding portion of the overall loan.  The MONTHLY DRAW DOWN SCHEDULE for receiving funds MUST be provided with the application documents!  

Step Three: The documentation is also to include the collateral proposed to be brought forward with the project. Our varied acceptance of collateral is discussed above on this webpage - PLEASE identify the collateral form and value of that collateral. NOTE: We do not guarantee that your particular collateral can be monetized through our banking relationships, but this will be addressed on a case by case basis. 

Step Four:This step involves, after submission of the completed application, the issuance by Trust Mnagement Services Inc., of a TERM SHEET outlining the format under which we are prepared to provide the loan for the project.  This TERM SHEET provides most items for acceptance outlining terms and conditions and the follow through step by step time lines to see funding come forward successfully.  Administrative services that follow usually include: organizing with client the format of presentation  to structure the project funding, assistance and preparartion of all appropriate documenation, collateral participation confirmation and verification of those collateral arrangements for monetizing of assets, and othe initial due diligence items in order for application final approval.

Step Five: Initial business communication takes place and discussion under mutual optimism is acheived for all to realize the continuation of a working relationship. Commitment fees are paid, the Term Sheet as finally negotiated is returned and signed back and notarizedf.  The Commitment fees covering initial admionistrative costs are received by Trust Mnagement Services Inc.  Once the commitment is in place between the parties involved, then all immediately begins to move forward to format and organize all documenation for the project  funding acceptance.

Step Six: Acceptance or rejection of the application made, and reasons, if the decision was negative, is given and addressed for the possibility of future acceptance to be granted.  Acceptance results in an invitation to further finalizeand discuss the project funding structure and continuance of procedures.  Each application is evaluated on its own merit and particular circumstances for each client with their project are granted consideration in outlining  the tenure of the agenda for the resulting meetings.  These meetings outline the structuring of the project list funding and contractually gate the parties under the structure designed and discussed.

Rejection is possible when the collateral presented for equity are not traceable as to orgin and/or they carry a suspicious history that is not acceptable.  Other reasons of rejection could be the activity background of the individuals behind the application, their corporate directors or other involved persons. In most cases we are told why the rejection was made, but our pre-screening and initail due diligence under administrative undertakings usually prevents a rejection from occurring

StepSeven: Trust Management Services Inc. makes formal introduction to involve legal counsel for the contractual completion of the financial designed structure applicable to the Project Loan Funding arrangement. 


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