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Trust Management Services Inc. is an Alberta, Canada registered corporation, headquartered with offices located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our directly involved associations of representation extend to many regions around the world. We have been in business since the year 2000 and have expanded to divisions covering a menu of responsibilities structuring varied financial productivity to fit the requirement of circumstance and activity. We involve ourselves through the many categories outlined throughout this website, for adapting client ambitions and desired achievement for successful funding – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

 Selecting a  financial service company is an  important decision.  You want an  experienced company that is  large enough to serve all your needs, yet can  also provide individual attention and take the time to answer your questions. Our office combines a wide range of financial services with a client-centered philosophy. On this site, we will provide information  about our company and describe the  different services we offer. We hope you'll find the  information you need, and  we look forward to working with you.

Many details are covered in our pages as to procedures, applications and areas of expertise. We have affiliations and associations with local, regional and international banking through institutional and private investment bankers.  Our association includes varied private entities including:  access to individuals of wealth, large corporate entities,  institutional international banks,  private trusts, private foundations and  many other  funding sources  helping us to provide private and/or public funding under unique financial structuring terms and conditions for large projects locally, regionally and internationally.

We look forward to serving your requirement


If you have a project with supported equity participation funds,  via a Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC) or other bank supported guaranteed collateral, issued from either the government, private,  or institutional sources,  we will be able to proceed to assist to structure funding to success. We are not restricted as to the value or amount of funding  required, but our minimum consideration is  dependent on factors that make it a  reasonable  achievement under the  project's particular  industry involvement. Private projects or Government supported projects, if they make sense, can be structured successfully for funding.



This would include a variety of assets such as resource based assets of production above ground, underground - developed or yet to be developed; some types of real estate assets, commodity assets including  petroleum products, diamonds, gold , silver, iron ore, and  many others including  monetizing of financial assets;  equipment and machinery assets.  This asset  based collateral for funding  may depend on the region  of the  world  where located and the assets must be in a bankable format of presentation in order to achieve credit line approvals. Collateral is an important component in structuring funding.

The bankable value of the collateral is all important to determine successful funding.   Various forms of collateral can be accessed as mentioned above.   When we talk about  Government  guarantees securing funding, this need NOT be a Sovereign Guarantee involving institutions such as the IMF or World Bank, but an annual issued renewable Government guarantee, approved via the Parliment, is usually acceptable under most circumstances.  Note that for local areas collateral such as municipal civci bonds, state and provincial Government guarantees may also be suitable - totally dependent on the recognized credit rating of such collateral.





We have represenatives worldwide to speak and discuss with you - your project.  In Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America (Canada and the United States of America), and Asia.

Commodity Involvement

Collateral calls on the project funding structures has introduced many commodity opportunities in the sell and buy side of the transactions. Trust Management Services Inc. involves themselves in servicing clients under an intermediary classification for the purchase and sale of varied commodities, including precious metals (gold, copper, rare metals and many other valuable metals), precious stones (including rough and polished diamonds), petroleum products (D2, JP54, crude oil, bitumen, mazut, etc.), food commodities (vegetables, fruit, processed foods, organic foods, etc.) and varied other bankable financial related commodities.  We work with vetted suppliers and buyers.  If we can assist your commodity purchase or sale, please contact us, our commodity specialists are ready to serve your requirement.


Partnering Relationships

Contractors are invited to register with ourselves to seek out the many opportunities of projects, some pre-approved for funding just seeking competitive bids, others open to qualified EPC contractors that have the experience and history for quality workmanship. We invite you to become one of our partners in business relationships. Whether you are a major contractor, sub-contractor, supplier of materials there are opportunities in registering with us.

If you are a company that has improvements on present technology or an all new technology needing funding and a contract to really establish the break through technology - CONTACT US we can help!

The persons and companies we recommend to work on projects are vetted to suit the recommendation made through ourselves. Does this mean that funding cannot be attained if the partners businesses are not registered?  No, only that if you are a registered partner, there are defined advantages under a structure of recommendation! 



We presently have extended representation to introduce contractors and suppliers into the Saudi Arabia, East Africa, West Africa, Nigeria, some Asian countries, India and other regions for project development. All aspects of construction: houses, roads, bridges, highways, water related infrastructure, all road infrastructure, utility infrastructure - all aspects of building new or rebuilding the old. Whether you are a supplier of materials, a construction contractor, or a supplier of services - plenty of work is available.  Where we represent our dealings are with the Heads of State in the related Governments and the decision makers in the Private sector corporations.

New technologies and the technological improvements and advancements are all very welcome into the total infrastructure in the construction boom taking place throughout these particular regions.  If you desire to be a part of these many opportunities, please register with us and we can then set forward to make your ambition a reality.

We make introduction of varied architectural, design and construction companies, assist in the structure of Joint Ventures with local entities that bring a menu of projects and development needs forward. 


Trust Management Services Inc. is  working project development opportunities in many countries of the Middle East and Africa.   We also have projects in North America, Europe and throughout Asia including India.  We welcome your registration to be able to make introduction to the many opportunities available. 

If you are a supplier of services or products, construction designer or project contractor, you owe it to yourself to apply to become a registered Partner with us!


What projects are structured for funding ?  Private or Government supported projects including, but are not limited to:

          Infrastructure Improvements        Roads and Highways            Agricultural Projects        Retail Building Developments        

Human Relation Programs     Education Facilities              

Office & Residential Towers       Olympic Developments Sports Facilities         Oil & Gas Development        

Renewable Energy Projects     


Mining Development            Power Generating Facilities          Power Distribution Line Towers          Water Treatment Plants        

Waste Treatment

Shipping Ports        Recreational Marina           Housing Developments        Industrial Developments

 Urban Developments        Hotels & Resorts

..........AND MANY MORE........

Contact us for application approval on your particular project!



Please be advised that some individuals and /or corporates are claiming to be representatives of our company. Some have possesion of business cards and our stationary indicating association.  All our agents and representatives can be verified with a contact email sent to us and we will confirm their association, if any.  These individuals and/or corporates also may ask for deposits of funds to seek out funding for clients - BEWARE - all funds that are paid to ourselves for any preliminary application or association are collected ONLY via a direct deposit to our Canadian Bank account or via the internet from our website - NO FUNDS ARE EVER COLLECTED OR DUE IN PERSON.